One month old and tiny

Aaron is one month old. He is a tiny boy and isstruggling to gain weight. Hopefully he will catchup soon. He is doing great otherwise.

Mom of two now thinks why on earth she thought it was difficult having a newborn in the house last time. He is all quite, sleeps all day, asks to be fed every three/two hour leaving mom in quiet and peace. Night feeds aren’t bad either, i guess simply because i know what to expect. I am not out and about yet. I cannot drive yet and I don’t have any interest to go out and about yet. So, I am fine at the mo.

We did go out a couple of times. once with kids (both) and once without kids (both). Planning to go a restaurant soon. It will be interesting! Will keep you posted on how it goes.

on the milestones: he moves his eyes following a moving object – check. he smiles – check. holds his head steady for few seconds – check.


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