I support pinkstinks

I am constantly told how their boys are “boys” and how girls are so not like boys! Well, I, to a certain extent, can see that there will be some gender differences between boys and girls, but some parents make it to the level that I constantly get the feeling to fight against it. One thing I do not want my daughter to do is defend her gender. As Menaka Raman says, the shops and brands promoting this pink/blue culture does not help either. And there is this gender stereotyping stories such as all princess stories and all macho hero stories.

I support pinkstinks.

PS: I got one little q though, why pink stinks? why not blue-pink divide stinks? or as my rebellious mind would want to say, why not blue stinks?


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  1. Doli
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 15:33:34

    heheh Even I had the same question. It looks like only they want to concentrate on women! why not men too? 🙂


  2. Ag
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 16:51:09


    I am also dead against this gender stereo typing. But you know what, my girl loves pink, loves barbie and loves all the stuff that for “girls” defined. Apparently, I will/am succumbing to her wishes. When comes to children as they grow older, their school/daycare, friends and TV are more influential than mom/dad’s word. And of course as parent you comprise in the middle. But wishing you luck.. you can try 🙂


    • Premalatha
      Dec 23, 2009 @ 17:04:05


      I also do not want to “make” her a tomboy. So far I have bought mostly pink but have grabbed any clothe in other than pink mainly to have variety rather than making a point. She is too small to have liking of her own at the mo. one thing I have consciously avoided so far is giving her a kitchen set (and babydoll-pushchair set and similar sets) to play 🙂 but let us see how it goes, as I love cooking (though i am not a great cook) and eating (mainly) and won’t complain greatly if she wants to learn cooking too.

      but, what I hate mainly is how parents of boys behave and how they raise their boys. oh, and I certainly hate the pink/blue culture shops and brands promote.


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