Children doing time with their mums

What happens if I happen to kill (accidentally of course 😉 ) Balan and have to go to prison? Ok, not a good example, but, what if something unforeseen happens and I have to spend few months to few years, still a short term sentence,  in prison? The the thing I dread in this situation is the separation from my kid(s) and worse, them in foster home and me still alive knowing that they are in foster care (this brings up another topic, “foster care” – good or bad? will do another post). I support the the concept of baby unit, but it means that my kids doing time with me. I wouldn’t have supported the idea of kids doing time, well, if it is put that way, i still cannot support that, but if you ask me separation or taking children with me to the baby unit, I will go for the later. What would you support?


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  1. menakaraman
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 13:03:45

    By accident-a? Balan, please be ushaar and hide all sharp objects in the house. I think the baby units are an excellent idea… and from the article a lot of the mums in their seem to really want to turn their life around when they get out. Separation maybe if there is immediate family (siblings, grandparents) who will look after the children till the parents come home.


    • Premalatha
      Dec 24, 2009 @ 10:44:36

      Yes, if there is someone with whom i feel comfortable to leave my kids with, then i may go for separation, heartbreaking though still will live with that. otherwise i baby units.

      Balan very ushaar these days considering my hormones ;-).


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