The waiting, panicking and packing bags

No one gets my logic. I have got five more weeks for the booked C sec date and six weeks to EDD. But, see my logic is, Muffin was born two weeks early. ok, so minus two weeks from the EDD. And, it is second baby, so minus another two weeks from EDD. so I have got two more weeks to go! Doesn’t that make the waiting little less frustrating?! But the panic phase has already started. Yesterday I had some watery leak. So I called the delivery suit and they asked me to come only if the leak is big. it was not. But my worry is what if the amniotic fluid is leaking? I need to get that checked. but have no option but to wait until tomorrow when I will see my GP. Even then i am not sure my GP can examine the amniotic fluid leak.  So, I decided to make the list and pack the hospital bag which I haven’t packed yet.  Unlike last time, when I read all sort of lists from all sort of Internet sites and leaflets, this time I am just packing what I remember from previous hospital days. I will finally check one or two lists from expert sites/leaflets just to see if I have missed anything. 

I will have to update the list as I remember. But, please do suggest from your experience or opinion what I would need to pack.

Bag for the baby.
first set of clothes: body suit, sleep suit, cotton hat, mittens.
another set for clothing the baby after bathing.
nappy wipes
nappy sacks
changing mat
Home coming clothes
muslin cloths
burping cloths

For me:
long top or nightie.
bedroom slippers
bathroom slippers
maternity pad
clean underwear
Long life Juice (hospital food was not enough and was not great)
Hand and face cream
hair brush
Tooth brush and tooth paste (last time I didn’t brush my teeth for two continuous days and I realised it only after coming home! This was because there was no proper night sleep and morning wake up routine)
Good set of clothes for coming home
My glasses and few books book and a book divider.
would be nice if there is Internet in the hospital. the machine they said had Internet didn’t work last time.
mobile phones. yes they say they don’t allow it, but they ignore if we use mobile phones. I will keep (kept) the phones in vibrating mode.


For Muffin
paper and pen
music toy
play doh

will be updated later.

I am 33 weeks plus today.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. menakaraman
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 20:07:19

    bottle, formula,thermos for hot water?pacifier? (all for baby.. not you:P)


    • Premalatha
      Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:20:41

      Thanks Menaka,

      I thought the milk was for me too. 😀

      Did you see my real list, which actually is loooonger for me than what i have posted here? 😀

      Last time the husband didn’t bring good set of clothes for me that i had to put a coat on (thank god for at least that coat) on my long nightie and come back home in that. So, I am not taking chances this time. I am packing everything and keeping it in the car!


  2. swarna
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 11:47:51


    wishing you all the best for a safe delivery and a sound and happy return back home. These last few weeks can be nerve wracking to say the least….is there a way to try and get distracted? an outing for a cup of coffee, a stroll in the park (hardly the best weather! sorry!) a drive? what about Pizza hut?
    take care


    • Premalatha
      Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:27:20

      Thanks Swarna. I am going out to keep up my physio appointments and other surgery appointments. Yesterday it was particularly nice as I got to smile and chat a little with my hair stylist. Reading a book might help. But can’t concentrate.

      Going out means taking Muffin with me, which I am not up for. Leaving Muffiin with mom is also not a great solution as Muffin hates my mom and my mom doesn’t move a finger to bond with Muffin.


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