differences between pregnancies

more like, what I did this time which I didn’t dare doing last time.  will also add other differences that were not my fault, i mean the things that were nothing to do with what did.

1. didn’t cut down on coffee a lot. switched to decaf to be on the safer side in the first trimester. but didn’t follow it strictly when i went out or at others places.
2. had spotting for few weeks in the first trimester. ended up worrying every time and had three scans in first trimester itself.
3. our NHS trust offered nuchal scan that i didn’t have to go private.
4. went to India for two plus long months.
5. didn’t follow a pedantic schedule of eating right kind of fruits and veg but ate lot of different kinds of fruits and veg. drank loads and loads of coconut water, ate loads and loads of tender coconut, guava, Indian goose berries (nellikkai), jack fruit, and what not.
6. ate loads and loads of peanuts. didn’t dare touching them last time.
7. took preg vitamin tablets which i didn’t last time.
8. threw up a few times in the second trimester. but i suspect it was to do with the bad food.
9. didn’t read/write much. didn’t do any exam.
10. had few sips of wine last week.
11. thought i kept a tab on my weight this time, i weigh the same as i did last time.  only difference is the weight at the start of the pregnancy. three kilos higher this time. meaning, three kilo less increase in this pregnancy. but got to lose the same amount after delivery to compensate for my failure to lose that three kilos last time.
12. didn’t get to eat fiery hot food this time, though i crave for it a lot. didn’t eat too much sweet either, except for the ice cream i an swallowing these days. I am only finishing off what is left in the freezer to help the clear out.
13. do not have a short list for the name yet. not even worried about it. I guess he is going to be called James or David or even Mike.


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  1. Vidya
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 18:31:59

    hey, Congrats on the second one Prema! All the best you all of you!


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