32 weeks and braxton hicks

I have been having braxton hicks for sometime. it feels like real labour as i also get pain. i was under the impression that braxton hicks are not painful. but in my case i have been getting pain making me panic every time i get it. only thing that helps me differentiate it from real labour is that it is not progressive. internet sites say that if you get 4  or more braxton hicks in an hour then you must seek help. Sometimes i got just 4 in an hour making me panic even more. then it goes irregular and i stay at home avoiding an unnecessary visit to the delivery suit. There was this vaginal thrush that has been bothering since second trimester. I was told that it could be the vaginal thrush giving me labour like pain when braxton hicks happened.. Then yesterday I saw spotting and though didn’t panic, I called in and got myself properly checked by the delivery suit staffs. It was the vaginal thrush again. Hope it doesn’t cause anymore hassle. I just want to wait for another six plus weeks and deliver a healthy full term baby.  I just cannot handle having to deal with a premature or a child that might need extra care. I just cannot handle. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could believe in God that I could ask him for this and sleep in peace?  Somehow I am not overly worried and am enjoying these lazy days. But I wish I could be active and take the toddler out, which would give me good time as well instead of lying in the couch all the time, browsing net, not replying to any mail, not talking to any friend, not attending to the toddler as much as I would like to and not cooking …. but i am ok with not cooking much. no work first of all meaning less back pain. and not eating too much which is the biggest advantage. even with me not cooking these days, i eat a lot. i munching on chocolate drenched icecream these days which is not a healthy option. I am 32 weeks plus now.


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