I am an ardent fan of House, but do not make it a point to watch every episode as I do with my other fav tv serials.  luckily my fav tv serials do not need continuance that badly except for Gilmore Girls which I own six seasons in DVD. I would love to own Judging Amy all seasons, as I would like to watch all the missed episodes too.  But Law & order is not in that list of favs that i would like to own. House won’t be in that list either, though i like the intellectual puzzles that get solved in each episode. Now it is getting interesting with main characters’ personal lives are getting interesting especially in season 6. I especially like the dialogue written for episode 7 of series 6. I love that Cameron’s character remains respectable and I liked the stunned but pleased look on House’s face when Cameron walks out off his room. Looking forward to the next episode, but sad that Cameron may not be there anymore.


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