Monday swims – Week 10

I did some elaborate cooking in the morning. And I was all up for all the challenges in the swimming pool today, though I was feeling very tired.

Left muffin at the creche. She was refusing to go today. But managed to leave her when she got distracted with some play. Again watched the swimming lesson for kids while waiting for our instructor to arrive.

I was all lit up when I saw my regular partner turning up. She said she had lost her nerve a bit too. So we started trying floating on our own and coming back to standing without any help. She got the hang of it within couple of trials. I have done this before but I do not know why I was so scared to do it today. But I still was up for letting it go today, which is what kept me trying it. Our instructor came and started giving us challenges. It was good that at the end of it I was just touching the float with one hand and using other hand to push myself forward. Then later I did the same thing by touching my partners hand who walked with me when I swam from one side to the other. I was happy about all the things I did today. But still I haven’t done  without any help. Time was up and I had to leave to take Muffin. I saw the creche staff bringing Muffin in the buggy. I thought that I had forgotten to tell them to keep the buggy and the bag with them. I can manage the buggy and the bag. But Muffin was sleeping in the buggy. Ok. I thought it is good to get back to the pool and join others. perhaps she  might be teaching them to float on their back now. I rushed to the pool pushing the buggy. I kept the buggy by the pool and got straight back in the pool. Our instructor was standing free and my partner was paired up with somebody else. our instructor asked me to try that floating on my own and coming back to standing without help. It wasn’t working. Then there was a trick my instructor taught me. Curl up first and then bring the arms down!. Ah! that worked like magic and there I go floating on my own not wanting to hold on to anything anymore and coming back to standing like a pro!

That was the last lesson in this course. But I have booked myself in for the follow up course as well.

Muffin enjoyed the pool as usual. And we had late lunch as usual.


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