Monday swims – Week 9

I bunked last week. Had a friend visiting us and I had to give swimming a miss.

Morning preparations were as usual as any other Monday. Muffin was sleeping when I left her at creche. I asked the staffs to give her just snack when she wakes up and requested them to bring her to the pool after my class.

I was pleased to see my other partner who always pushes me to be confident. But she is not my instructor and she is here to learn as well. But our instructor decided to come in with us. That was good for me. As I have missed previous session and hadn’t recovered my confidence in the previous session too, i wasn’t hoping to do any magic today. But decided to trust the water and started off with my float. If I hold on to someone or to the wall or to the float, I am doing fine. if I am left on my own I can stand very well in the pool! But we tried pushing towards the wall, though holding on to my instructor. I felt alright about it. it was a shame that time ran out otherwise I was up for pushing myself and letting it go.

Muffin was crying when she was brought to me. She had just woken up they said. I changed her and took her to the babypool. I kept my eye on the clock as I cannot be sure I will be lucky with parking time all the time. Muffin wasn’t too bad in the changing room today. We managed to reach the car just a couple of minutes overrunning parking time.

Got home. We both had very late lunch.


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