Monday swims – Week 7

Prescript: writing about the Monday swim on Thursday after a strictly come dancing session, is not the right way of doing it. Anyway, here we go.

Monday swim – week 7

The Wednesday swim didn’t help a lot. It brought my confidence down hugely. I wasn’t in a mood to go for the swim at all today. Balan leaving early didn’t help greatly either. Still managed to get myself out in time.

Muffin was dropped at the creche. She was sleeping in the car. So I thought she will continue her nap and will be ready for the swim after my class. but she started playing when she saw so many things around her.  Creche staff asked me whether they should feed her at all as she did not eat her lunch in all those previous weeks. So I decided to give her swimming a miss and asked the staffs to feed her whenever she likes.

I was feeling less confident and not at all keen on swimming. I said that to my instructor. I explained about my last week’s Wednesday swim with two floats and when I tried with one float how I took the float down with me which scared me and made me unsure of going with one float now and without float is a total no no.  She paired me with my regular partner who had also lost her nerves too to go one her own and coming back to standing up. So, my partner walked with me when I practised and I walked with my partner when she practised. I got back to the swimming with float stage again and my partner got back to swimming without float stage again, which basically was where we were last week. To give us something new, we were taught to float on our back. I didn’t. It was all about letting the control go and trusting the water.

Got back home. wasn’t in a mood for anything. Creche staffs told me that Muffin was upset for sometime and didn’t have lunch. She didn’t have her nap either. We both ate lunch and took nap after that.


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