Wednesday swims – Week 1

Had an additional swimming today. I booked today lesson mainly to gain the confidence back and to practise pushing towards the wall without float and may be to start swimming without float. Seeing the instructor not inside the pool I decided against it. She was also handling several students. I needed someone reassuring and standing next to me when I tried that. So I decided to go with my float. She gave me another float (woggle). Later on she asked me to swim with one hand holding the float and one hand pushing the water. I could do it. I can do any magic as long as I have a float.

I love my regular instructor. She reads a person and teaches accordingly. I wish I had her today. I wish I could have one-to-one lessons with her, I mean she standing next me all the time.

I think I will try this Wednesday sessions as well, but I haven’t booked the next one yet.

It was a more interesting day than any of the Monday swims so far. I still have the temptation to put them all in here.


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