Monday swims – Week 6

I was very tired and wasn’t in a  mood to do anything at all today. Balan can take care of getting Muffin ready. I cooked green chick pea curry for us and spinach rice for Muffin. Something else was dominating my thoughts and I was not focusing on things.

Had a little argument with balan about the other matter that was dominating my thoughts. That delayed me. But I was not bothered about the time. Reached sport centre. Met my other swim partner who was absent for the last two classes. We chatted for few minutes before I took a leave from her to drop Muffin off at the creche. Stood in the que. got the thingy to drop Muffin off at the creche. We were late by 10 mins. I left the creche and went to the changing room. I was not late to the class as I thought I was going to.

I was all for letting the float go today. Having my old partner is good and bad in someways. she is braver than me and is up for any challenge. that sometimes can bring my confidence down seeing that I am not there yet. She is confident and reassuring and that is good for me. We started off well. I taught her what she has missed in the last classes. she quickly learnt it and was with me in swimming from one end to the other with the help of  a float.  Then came our instructor asking us to let the float go and asked us to push ourselves towards the wall from a short distance from the wall. within a few minutes my swim partner pushed her limits and started swimming from one end to the other without float. When my turn came I did it for the short distance but when the distance was increased I got scared and forgot all about how to come back to standing up. I almost drowned (imo at least). Did the short distance again to bring my confidence back. Then I decided to give myself a break and told my instructor that I needed a break. She was fine with that. I was happy about my progress. I was happy that I let go off the float even though just for a short distance. I was happy to see me floating, head under water still not panicking too  much. Yes I did panic but it was unbelievable that I didn’t panic other times. I was happy to see me going forward and coming off back to standing up without help. I am pleased about the progress overall.

I was late to pick up Muffin. The staffs weren’t happy about it. I apologised and picked her up. She was sleeping. I thought good I can go home and put her to sleep while I attend to my other things. But she woke up in the car and hasn’t gone back to sleep yet.


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