Around the world in 80 clicks

I love tags. I love being tagged. Makes me feel that I am also noticeable. But hardly oblige to them. Michelle tags me for nice nice things but have hardly obliged to her tags.  Ra tagged me as well. I haven’t obliged to that either, unsurprisingly. but this tag is a very interesting one and I want to read all the posts following all the links.

The supermom, who tagged me and the learner mom who didn’t tag me have stolen my lines and I am left with a blank head. I shall still try.

 DSCN0001When I attended post natal classes, I was asked similar questions “what do you like about motherhood? what did surprise you? What did you think that you would never do, but you don’t think it is a big deal?”. Also few told me that “you change once you become a mother”. “your outlook of the world will change. your perspectives changes. you change you change you change”! Well, if I haven’t changed a bit, does that make me an unfit mother or does that take that title “mother” away from me? you can see my baby is sleeping on the sofa upside down and still, technically I AM a mother and I believe I AM a very fit mother in all other respects too.  I see the point of the tag. similar to the point of the questions asked in post natal class. It is to make you list out good things to make you feel good about yourself so that you don’t get lost.  But, I do not think these little tricks can work on me at the moment and so I am going to go with whatever comes to my mind.

1. I cannot claim that my house is messy after having baby. Now we try to tidy it up once in a while thanks to the email newsletters asking me to teach her the “tidy up” game. 

2. Thanks to having this smaller baby that the other grown up baby in our household has finally decided to grow up before the little one asks questions. And be asured she will, as she is only him just on the outside.

3. I finally got to have a taste of the “easy life” of a “house wife” and boy I so want it to end.

4. Can I forget this number and blame it on the motherhood like this mum as I am running out of ideas?. It, the forgetting thing, is not not true. I once came out of the changing room in my underwear believing that I was in my swimming clothes. Thank goodness (for others) that I realised it before anyone noticed me, got back in and truly got changed.  

5. Got a few friends. They all liked Muffin. They had no choice but to bear with me being there too. Now they don’t seem to mind me. Thank you ladies. 🙂

Rules of the tag can be found here.

I tag 1. Asha – from Hyderabad/Bangalore/Kerala, India,  2. IBH – based at Chennai, but currently posting from Seychelles. 3. PlanetHalder, UK, 4. Twomoms USA, whose blog I follow from the week  she (and I) tested positive for pregnancy. All other moms I know are already tagged.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sudha
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 18:12:53

    why is it called around the world in 80 clicks?


  2. ammani
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 18:38:53

    Thanks, Prema. Wonderfully honest. Nice pic too.

    @sudha, you’re supposed to tag 5 others from different parts of the world. Hence, ‘around the world’ etc


  3. ammani
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 18:40:38

    Btw, adhu yaaru supermom?


  4. IBH
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 04:12:05

    will defly take this up 🙂


  5. David Wescott
    May 05, 2009 @ 20:30:32

    Hi There – I’m David, one of the people organizing this. Our goal is to find at least 80 moms in at least 80 countries to write this post – after Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” so far we have more than 250 bloggers in 42 countries. I keep links to them all at – feel free to take a look!


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