Monday swims – Week 4

I was all wired from morning as I had too many things to do today. Woke up earlier (6am) than usual. got one thing done which only needed my internet on. made us coffee and warmed milk for Muffin. Dragged the coffee time too long as I was not in a mood to start morning chores. Neck pain was bad too.

Balan had taken the morning off to look after Muffin as there is no creche until I finish swimming because it is holiday time. So I left Muffin and her business with Balan. I took Muffin to the weighing clinic to get her weighed and height measured. I met another mom there whom I meet regularly in one of the baby/toddler groups. we discussed about our common problems while we waited for our turns.

Came back home and left Muffin in Balan’s care again while I dealt with another thing I had to do today. changed clothes, packed my bag and I was off to sports centre. As I was not taking Muffin with me today, I left later than usual. I didn’t know that the traffic at this time would be this bad. Driving through the last week accident scene was not traumatic as I thought it would be, but I did stall the car there. Thankfully I am even more cautious than before that I managed to drive safely. 

I don’t bother to check the front car park at all these days that I go straight away to the overflow parking and park there. Got straight to the changing room, said hi to the Srilankan lady (my swim mate), who was dismissive of me from day1 for leaving my kid in someone else’s care while I enjoyed some kid-free time, worse swimming(!), changed clothes and went to the pool. chatted for few minutes until the instructor came. Discussed about the accident and whiplash with the instructor. I realised that I haven’t thanked her for last week and thanked her. She mentioned the name of the staff who actually put up the notice on my car informing the parking warden not to give me a ticket. I noted that I must thank that staff but missed to mention it to my instructor as well.

It was a very shaky start as I didn’t finish my week-2 well and I had completely missed last week. I had to cancel the Wednesday session I had booked as something else came up. But my instructor kept on reassuring me that I will be ok. I specifically asked for a more confident partner. Glad I did that what a wonderful partner I got myself. She caringly taught me and pushed me a little. My instructor took advantage me gaining confidence back and she pushed me a little further. Within a few minutes I was given a float and asked to go on my own and I could. Before I knew I was swimming from one end to the other. My instructor wanted to push her luck and asked me to go without float and completely on my own and I flatly refused. She said I can do it, but I was not ready. Next week, next week. But I was very happy about my progress.

Balan brought Muffin to the pool. We went straight to the baby pool. I couldn’t blow up Muffin’s arm bands and I couldn’t find one (set) in the box there. So I took a tubular float (is that what it is called) and got into the pool. Muffin didn’t like it. Thanks to the other kid who gave us a different type of float inside which the kid can sit. I left her on her own. She enjoyed the independence. enjoyed the floating. kicked her legs. Didn’t mind drifting away from me.

She was ok in the changing room today. I was pleased. I took my time in the changing room and when drying our hair. I went to the cafe to feed her and to have my lunch. but decided to come home when I noted the time as I had already run over my parking time.


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