Monday swims – Week 2

I started the day taking it easy as Balan was going to start work late. I had dentist appointment in the morning. Dentist made me wait and that kept my heartbeat going at a higher rate. When I came back home to collect Muffin and bags, Daddy had given the bath just then. Muffin was falling asleep on the changing table. Right, she is going to sleep again then. She doesn’t follow the nap routine for all other six days but promptly sleeps on Mondays! Packed my swim bag, made myself a coffee and left home with Muffin, bags and my coffee mug. The cold wind woke Muffin up. She was so happy to see she was in “ba-pi” (Bye bye) situation and stayed awake to have fun.

Front car park was as full as ever. I decided to explore the other two car parks on the other side of the Sports centre. first one was full. second one had some spaces. Still needed pram but I wasn’t worried this time as I can leave the pram in the creche.

It must be my lucky day that there was no que. All done at the counter. Muffin went inside the creche happily. I filled in the forms and other other instructions and left the creche happily. Changed clothes. As my lesson time coincides with toddler’s swim lesson session in the baby pool, I wanted to watch how they are teaching and how those little ones are responding. They were all older ones than Muffin. They all seem to understand instructions and they all seem to respond well too.

Little chat before the class started. I started off well but didn’t finish very well. Oh well, I can catch up next week can’t I? But I was amazed that I could float on my own in the second lesson itself. All credits go to our instructor.

Muffin was brought to the pool by the staff. Thanked the creche staff and took muffin to the changing room. She started screaming. I changed her clothes mostly by keeping her on my lap. this helped a lot. Then we went to the baby pool for Muffin’s swim. Muffin thinks she can move on her own now, similar to her walking. She pushes me away and kicks her legs. Bless her. She enjoyed the swim. We spent an hour in the baby pool, as usual. She was tired as she had let go off her nap for the fun at the creche. She wanted to sleep in the pool itself. She couldn’t understand why I had to pull her out of the pool and put her through a torture of changing and drying. Changing room situation was very bad. We managed it. Dried our hair and went to the creche to collect pram and Muffin’s bag. Yes, this time I left her bag as well in the creche. I had packed all essential things for changing her in my bag (as well).  Muffin had had half lunch when the creche staffs fed her. Balan had packed a big lunch box for me. We went to the cafe to have our lunch. Thanks to Creche staffs and Cafe staffs that we both ate warm food while watching others swim. Muffin started falling sleep. I put her in the pram and finished my food in peace. I took my time before leaving the Sports centre.

The weather shocked me when I came out of the sports centre. It was warm and sunny, though windy when I went in. It was cold and wet when I came out.

Drove back home. Muffin continued her sleep. I made myself a cuppa to relax.


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