Monday swims – Week 1

I once did the swimming lessons but didn’t complete it successfully. There were several factors that made me fail last time. That is for another post for another day. This time I have muffin to deal with as well. Creche at the sport centre is a wonderful facility. Muffin liked the place when visited the first time itself. One problem sorted. I paid all the fees. Got my gear from the last episode. sorted.  I decided to take muffin for a swim after every session. That complicated the issue. I have to be sure she won’t hate water. Balan took her for a swim first. I clicked photos for “family record”.  sorted. I decided to do a test run to see how I was going to handle the whole thing, especially the changing room situation and carrying several heavy bags all on my own. I took her for a swim. Noted that muffin screams her head off in the changing room which makes me go completely chaotic. I gave her my wallet hoping that some new thing to explore will shut her up. She enjoyed exploring my wallet alright, but never stopped screaming. She played both activities in two separate tracks. I ignored the screams as I was sure she was ok and concentrated on changing and putting things in the bags, only to find my credit cards thrown away all over the place. I had to sneak my hand into the next cubicle through the gap underneath the divider to collect few of my cards. didn’t give any thought into “thank you, please, sorry excuse me” business. don’t know what the other person in the other cubicle thought about the mysterious hand that showed up and disappeared after collecting cards. noted a few more points as well from the test run. 

I woke up very early today.  cooked spaghetti for muffin and quorn jalfrezi for us. Packed my bag and her bag with lunch and other things. I had to go to the local children’s centre to drop off a toy I had borrowed from the toy library. So I planned to leave early, but left home just in time. Still managed to drop off the toy. drove to the sport centre armed with a well planned and a rehearsed plan. Didn’t get parking space in the front car park, so I had to park at alternative parking. This created a first unpredicted risk that I needed to take the pram. Muffin sleeping in the car insisted that I take the pram. How am I going to handle pram, baby, two bags in the changing room? I have to change my clothes and change muffin’s clothes as well. Then we have to dry our hair! don’t panic, don’t panic! Is that the que peeking through the doors? great! Oh good I don’t have to stand in the que just yet as I will have time to book the creche for the next week, after dropping off muffin. In we went to the creche. I was told that I should have stood in the que to get a thingy to leave muffin in the creche. right! Muffin was fast asleep in her pram. The staffs kindly decided to check the baby in while got the thing I was supposed to have brought from the counter. I wrote down all the instructions about the nappy cream I use, about the lunch box, its heating instructions, etc.  Off I went to join the que. Lucky me that  there was no one waiting. I got the thingy and also booked the creche for the next week. I asked them if they could kindly give the thingy for the next week too, but they kindly refused. I asked whether I could skip the que as I have already paid, but they again kindly said a stern NO. The thingy was dropped off too. Now I got hardly a few minutes to get changed before I join the class. I run to the loo to empty the full bladder that has been bothering me for sometime. Then I remembered I forgot to let the creche staffs know that I would like muffin given to me at the pool after my class. thank god I haven’t changed yet. run run run. all done. got changed, took shower and went to the pool where the lesson is normally held.

Nice old ladies as my swim mates. some of them have already been under the water and it was the first for some other of them. It was nice to see shy older women in swimming costumes covered over in bath towels with shy smiles. Love love the instructor. I would recommend my instructor to any new swimmer.

Muffin was brought to the pool exactly at the arranged time. Muffin couldn’t have lunch as she woke up just fifteen minutes before the swim time. so her lunch has to wait after the swim. I have absolutely no idea why she hates changing rooms. she cries her lungs out and that increases my anxiety to undefined levels. luckily I was already in swim suit that it was just her who needed changing which took much less time. Took shower for the muffin. Muffin enjoyed the swim. I was worried about our lunch as I was also very hungry. I had to drag her out of the pool.  Took shower for both of us. Managed the changing room situation with some cry. bags weren’t too bad. took the pram from the creche and thanked them for keeping it there. had to make few calls so I  made the calls before starting the car. got home and we both had very late lunch. I was pleased about the success of the day. Took some break to be lazy before I put the wet clothes in the washing machine. Changed a poo nappy. Checked mails and wrote this post. time for muffin’s dinner.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. WA
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 19:30:50

    Ada I am so disappointed. My version would have been, I picked up the pram, made the calls, drove home only to realise that I had left muffin back at the creche and had to drive all the way back to pick the little one up 🙂


  2. B o o.
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 20:00:33


    WA – In my version, I would have never even got out of the house! 😉


  3. Premalatha
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 07:15:26

    WA, Boo, added few more sentences to get more sympathy from you. Read again. 🙂


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