11 months old

Avni is 11 months old today. just a month away from having her birthday party!

Avni understands some words and reacts to them. She also talks in long long sentences. She is showing signs of becoming independent.

She tries to put things one over the other, one into other and inside a container. We have set up the guest bedroom as Avni’s play room with a door gate. All her toys are left in there and she plays in there for hours. Sometimes she wants me to be in the room but sometimes I can leave her alone. It is very useful that now I can go for shower without having to constrain her in a walker and still worry about her safety. We have made sure that this room is completely baby safe. The gate has come of this morning which I need to fix again.  

Reading books continues to be her favourite game next only to talking to that baby in the mirror. There is a full length a mirror in the play room which we fixed for my mother when she was staying there. Avni loves standing in front of that mirror, holding on to that little coffee table we have left there, and talking to that baby. She kissed the baby nicely yesterday when she got an opportunity to get closer to the mirror, a different mirror where no table is there.

We have introduced her to a bad habit of co sleeping. When I learnt the pattern that if she wakes up around 2am she will want to lie on my shoulder for two hours, I started bringing her to our bed. She still doesn’t like when put her down on our bed, but slips into sleep much quicker mainly because I can arrest her from moving or rolling over and then she slowly gets bored of lying awake and sleeps. Rolling over is not bad as she rolls over and sleeps on her tummy sometimes but it also motivates her to stand up and play sometimes. We are happy if she does all these and goes back to sleep on her own but she wants our company sometimes, mainly when she comes to standing up position. That is a bad habit during night time. bringing her to our bed avoids developing that habit as she goes to sleep sooner.  But it also worries me whether co sleeping will develop into a habit, a bad habit. Luckily so far she hasn’t refused to go to her bed at bed time or at nap time.

Avni learnt to open and close a few things. I have become even more watchful now. She can stand up without support for a few seconds but if she is conscious about that she doesn’t like to. May be she is not sure or may be scared.

Avni has got one tooth at the bottom. I guess all the waking up in the night and cold were due to this teething.

Avni is 11 months old today.


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