Baby stories

It is about a baby’s development witnessed for the first time that amazes us (anyone) rather than our baby being clever I think. I can tell that I won’t be this excited when (if) my second baby reads a book or plays music or climbing down the sofa or from my hip. I think I soon will be mature enough to go less excited over all these little things and may grow up to accept that these are all just “normal developments” like any other baby’s development. Every time when I come across a special care baby, I am glad that my baby does not need special care, not even little extra care. She is very easy baby in attitude too. Eats anything I shove down her throat. says a clear no when she is done. Night sleep is the only thing that is not completely settled yet. She sleeps through the night without any little waking up some nights, and some nights she wants water and sometimes cuddle. some nights she is all awake around 3am and wants to play. but if I sit there, cuddle her and then calmly leans on my shoulder and does nothing (but for at least couple of hours!!) Then falls asleep. Otherwise it is rather “normal” in everything else like for any other baby of this age. Little late in crawling, not very chutti/active compared to her Indian counter part. I am glad she is not chutti/active like her Indian counter part. I have no energy to run around after her. ahh, where was I? yes, it is the first time witnessing that makes it all the interesting I think. Sooner I exhaust my interests in telling the world about my smart baby’s smart developments, sooner I will feel bored about it and will stop writing about it. Look at my flickr albums. they are not updated well anymore. I don’t take too many pictures anymore. Now the attraction is the videos. I think I will soon be bored of it too. I hope i get bored of it soon.


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  1. Visitor
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 05:40:05

    It (your excitement) will be the same for the second one too. You’ll be surprised that the second one learns all the things in quite different ways from the first. Have one and then see. 😛

    Quit trying to be different and enjoy the entire package (of having a baby and bringing her up), triumphs and tribulations included.


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