10 months old

I cannot believe Avni is ten months old and two months away from having a birthday party. Avni turned ten  months old on 8th Nov.

Avni babbles looking at books as if she is reading. anything flat with pictures and text that can be held using both the hands is a book for her. Her most favourite books are the DVD cases, as she can take them herself. She can flip through a book. she gets really angry if the book gets closed sometimes, never mind it was her who closed it. Avni has become a member of our local library!!!

I became a member of our village library when I went to high school. And that was considered outrageous by my folks as girls going to library was looked with astonishment. I was allowed to go to the library only if I was accompanied by someone, at least a child! I have no idea what that child can do for me other than keeping a proper record of events to tell my folks what I actually did during that travel to and from library! Avni, the daughter of such a village girl, is a member of Hertfordshire libraries at the age of ten months! what a difference! Will Avni be able to understand her mother and her issues? I wonder.  

Avni had gastroenteritis. I was told that 24hrs of no milk, and strict rice and banana diet should clear that out, but we had no luck. After two weeks of struggle, Avni is on soy milk for sometime. We are gently introducing milk now. She has accepted little quantities of milk and milk products.

Avni can climb down from sofa on her own! She positions herself and slides down from sofa, holds on just before reaching the ground, then slowly touches the ground, steadily standing up holding onto sofa. Cautious baby or what! I bet that is mama’s gene! I can also tell that she will be a slow driver like me claiming that she is a cautious driver! She hasn’t figured out the right kind of steps to complete the climbing down process yet. so she tries different combinations every time. she goes backwards sometimes. she lies down and goes backwards sometime. she pulls herself up holding on to momma’s shoulder sometimes. if she remembers what she was doing then she goes back to trying some other combination, otherwise she gets lost in exploring momma’s hair and grinning at momma for god knows what. sometimes she succeeds too. She just cannot remember the right combination that made the attempt successful last time. so she goes trying again the next time… Avni climbs down from my hip as if she climbs down a tree.

Avni doesn’t have interest in running around. She aims an object, crawls towards it, takes it, sits and explores it. That could be due to her lazy mamma who puts her with toys making her sit and do stuff more. There. Mamma has stereotyped Avni to be girly! I wonder what would I have done if I had a boy child? Same I think, considering my laziness. Would that have made my boy girly?

 she is also obsessed with some objects, especially when denied! I love the way she throws tantrums! She screams her lungs out and shows so much attitude. I just love seeing it. bad bad mummy. 🙂

Here is another video of her playing music. Look at the way she responds (by moving head) to her playing as if she is appreciating good music!

She plays clap clap clap game to test how clever  momma is! I was proud of my girl clapping and saying cla cla pa ka, anything with a ending when I said clap clap clap. Now she claps, looks at me with glitter in her eyes then I say clap clap clap to catch up with her clapping, she stops clapping, note, she stops clapping when I start saying clap clap, and guess what, she grins at momma as if saying “well done mommy”! . I wish I have a video of this game. I am planning to capture this and post it here.

Avni talks too much. I have no idea where she is learning so much talking as it is just me and her in the house mostly. She believes she talks like us. in long long sentences. I believe she must think mom is such a dumbo who shows blank face for everything I say! She talks with so much expression and even with hand gestures! And her summary of the day events to her dad when he comes home is an absolute delight to watch. I can’t believe I made this baby, and this baby is all mine, enakke enakku (Pardon my Tamil).

Avni repeats the word appa after us. No joy for amma yet.

Avni loves kids. the moment she sees any kid in the supermarket she starts talking to the kid. She likes whatever the toy other baby is having in the babygroup and goes and gets it from the other baby! When that baby moves on to a different toy, she wants that toy now! I have no idea when I should start teaching her to share. I do tell her no when she grabs toys from other babies. She doesn’t seem to understand.

Avni loves the baby she sees in the mirror. Every time I come down the stairs I have to stop at the landing to let her talk to the baby in the mirror there. She says lalalalala and clap clap to the baby in the mirror every time as if they are their code words. Avni knows that the mommy in the mirror and mommy outside the mirror have some connection. She talks to the mommy in the mirror and then grins at the mommy outside the mirror.

Avni crawls fast on carpet floor and feels confused and skids on cemented/wooden floors. She moves around furniture, pulls herself up, moves holding on to furniture, sits down, crawls, pulls up….. If I have to make my house baby safe I have to get rid of everything I have and leave it empty, may be except with sofa and such big furniture.

Avni loves doing things on her own and hates momma’s help. If momma interrupts her when she is trying something, she screams, throws her arms in the air and starts kicking her legs…

I can see Avni throwing tantrum lying on the floor in a super market, kicking her legs and screaming if she doesn’t get what she wants. I have absolutely no idea how i am going to prevent this from happening. I am very gentle with her. I don’t say strict no, don’t snatch anything from her, don’t deny with a strict no message… I also don’t give in when she throws tantrum. she throws tantrum when something happens when she didn’t expect it when she is in deep observing/playing/enjoying mood with a particular object. She doesn’t take anything else if given as a distraction. she takes that thing given for distraction and throws it away!

Avni is 10 months and 2 days old.


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  1. mumbaigirl
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 19:17:20

    What a wonderful post. One day show her your blog, and she’ll understand your issues, no? LOVED the videos.
    Still have to see her!


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