Shape sorting

DSCN7220It was Aunt WA again who decided to make Avni too clever too early that she gifted her the shape sorting toy about a month ago. Avni has been trying to eat all the shapes until today that she decided to feed me one. Nope, I was wrong. She didn’t let the piece go. she held it tightly, but put it inside my mouth, amused by it, took it out, put it again, and it went on… She discovered the shape shorting action today! only that, wrong shape into a wrong hole.


Now, I want to write about how she was obsessed with those two pieces, red-moon and green circle, all day today. But following dubukku’s suggestion, which I like btw, I have a q. Is the first line in this para information? I think yes, but what will I write if I cannot write about those moments? 😦


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