new room, new tantrums and separation anxieties

Avni moved in to her room on Sunday. We should have done it before. Original plan was to move her to her room at six months. but things were not ready, so it had to be delayed. She first liked her new room then soon she figured out that this room is mainly for sleeping not for playing. Oops!

Guess who is having separation anxiety now? It is our turn now. Balan was all senti and looking at the empty crib in our room. He wanted to go to Avni’s room just to look at her. He looked at me and asked if he looked silly. I smiled and told him that I just had been to her room!

Avni’s sleep routine is totally screwed up to the extent that she hates night time sleep. Thanks to Balan, Senthil and finally chithi. They all want to play with Avni. So does Avni. I became the villi who wants to harass the child by making her to sleep! Obviously Avni starts crying. she threw a mother of tantrums the other day refusing to sleep. Going to the living room magically calmed her down. 😉 😦

Avni is 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old or 37 weeks and 2 days old

PS: Will add a photo later.


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