Mommy the winner

I win I win I win!

Avni went to sleep by 6:30pm sharp! No tears. No tantrums.

I didn’t have to cook today. I planned it like that from yesterday. Yesterday I cooked for the entire village so that no one would bother me today. well, almost. I still had to cook some rice and rasam today, which I strategically finished before 3pm so that I am totally available for my baby’s night time routine. Also I warned all other non-cooperating people that Avni should not be forced to sleep during the day. If she is bored she will show signs for sleep, but that is not sleep, that is boredom. So, I kept an eye on her day time plays too the whole day. Since I threw a mother of all tantrums too the other day, people in my house are afraid to disobey my orders. Avni had her regular naps today. no extra nap. no extra nap due to boredom. done. Baby was fed full by 5:30pm. slightly late according my plan. Since it is not convenient for me to give her bath in the evening, we bathe her in the morning before balan goes to work. so bath was never there in her night time routine. But I thought of introducing a second fake bath, just pour water over her body and dry it before applying cream. I was all set to give her the fake bath, but Avni started showing signs of sleep while eating itself. pulling one hour after the feed was getting little harder as she started falling on the sofa wanting to sleep. she still continued her plays. I rushed things and compromised the gap to 50 minutes and gave her the fake bath, dried her, applied cream, changed nappy… she puked a little. cleaned it and changed her to sleep suit. She was flat. I put her in her growbag and that is it. She was so flat. She used to wake up for slightest noise even in our rooms, but today she didn’t move for all the clearing noises in her own room. I quickly vacated the room. and then realised that I put her in daytime nappy. i went back and changed her to night time nappy in her cot itself, she didn’t move. my baby was fast asleep. I am so pleased.  

Avni is 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old or 37 weeks and 2 days old.


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