The Talking Girl

The true tree-tamil girl (word courtesy: Neha Visvanathan) Avni cannot differentiate between ba and pa. She interchangeably says abba and appa (appa means dad in Tamil). Balan was pleased.. He was over the moon actually. When Avni’s fascination for sounds has found a new sound thatha (maternal grandpa (nana?)) and athae (paternal aunt), he was little disappointed that appa/abba is no longer heard but he is pleased that his daughter’s vocabulary is improving.

Avni can say dada and mama. she even says amma clearly sometimes when crying. unga is still her favourite sound which she says it now and then. When left alone, she makes several complicated sounds. When the Cbeebies is on, she goes totally excited and starts talking to the TV. Doesn’t show that excitement for Law&Order or for other similar programs.

As we are on updating milestones, let me just note it down that she can eat her own finger food. She drinks from her beaker on her own. We introduced the beaker after she turned six months old. She got the hang of it within a couple of days. At the moment water and juice are given in beakers. but I am still feeding milk in her bottle. I am looking to change that too to beaker in a few days.

Avni 7 months and 3 weeks or 33 weeks and 3 days (freaky number!) old


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