Separation Anxiety

I had C section. I didn’t hold the baby for a complete four hours after delivery. I didn’t exclusively breastfeed my baby. I stopped even that bf after 3 months. My mother was around for the the first four months. Though she wasn’t the main carer for my baby, she spent quite a good amount of time with my baby. I have been the main carer and only carer during the day for my baby for the last three months. now, the bonding my baby has with me is really too much that I wish she tones it down a bit. She has this separation anxiety (more reading) with me. She wants to be sure that I am around her. She screams at any sign of me leaving her. stairs screaching sound, putting her in her walker, leaving her on the mat… I go to her to give her finger food or a toy, then she sees that as an opportunity to come to me, and throws away all her toys and finger food and lifts her hands asking me to hold her. It is sweet, but I want her to come out of this separation anxiety.

The other day she had her nose blocked. she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t sleep. She cried. but when I held her she stopped crying. She is associating any discomfort to me leaving her and associating my holding her to relieving her off her discomfort. 😦

any suggestion welcome. thanks.

Avni is seven months and five days old or 31 weeks and a day old


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