yet another hectic weekend

When I was living alone working in the north, weekend days used to be my really relaxing days. I had to wash clothes by hand as I didn’t have a washing machine. I didn’t get my clothes ironed by paying someone, but I did it myself as I had certain standards which others couldn’t match ūüėČ , still my weekend days¬†were very relaxing days. Washing the entire house using buckets and buckets of water starting from the top shelf of the kitchen to¬†finishing it with the concrete floored front yard couldn’t tire me out either. I did shopping, I cooked special weekend meals. Still they were relaxing days. I had plenty of time left. They were of the same 24 hours duration as these current weekend days are.¬†¬†Still I had plenty of time left that I used to knit sweaters.

Last weekend started with Balan asking me to get ready to go for shopping as he was coming early on Friday evening. I did. But there was just half an hour left by the time Balan reached home. I wanted go out as I was ready to go out. So went to the Nandos. I tasted  Sangria for the first time. I am not sure I liked it. but the eating out was nice.

Balan had to work on Saturday. I was supposed to do some reading. but I¬†didn’t. in between babysitting and cooking, I watched two movies with my brother. I asked Balan to go to the market himself on his way home. He didn’t bring Salmon for the salmon night. So, we decided to cook some potato curry and ate it with frozen ¬†dopla. more babysitting. That is all I could do on Saturday. I was tired to the say the least.

Sunday started with customary phone calls to families. Some essential kitchen cleaning is all we could do. Balan and my brother went to help a friend move their house. They took Avni with them as I needed to do some serious reading. Another friend phoned and visited us in the evening. Balan was sent to get some essential ingredients quickly and I prepared two types Vadais. Just before the guests were leaving, Avni vomited huge amount as her feeding routine that day was slightly different, that her dad stuffed her with too much milk. She was active and smiling. So I stopped worrying. The day ended with my brother upsetting me because I asked the TV showing food ball to be switched off as I wanted some quietness to help me wind down. I had an early start the next day, so I wanted to get some sleep as I was anticipating sleepless night with Avni. I ended up sleeping very late as I was discussing many things with Balan. Avni woke up few times too.

I do not like to drive long drives. I love long drives as long as I am a passenger. We were on time until one hour before our planned departure. then, we were little slow and got delayed by half an hour. Thanks to Balan’s driving skills that we reached the place well in time. The interview went alright. no biggie. Balan and Avni enjoyed their stroll in that town. We were discussing about things we have to sort out if this job materialises. We stopped at our friend’s place for dinner on our way back.¬† I lost the track of time and ended up chatting until 9pm. Two hours drive, we reached home. Avni was unsettled for sometime before she finally settled for the night. That is how Monday went.

Tuesdy started with us all waking up late. I had physio appointment in the morning. Balan’s surgery appointment had to be cancelled. I phoned the agency to find out if he¬†has got¬†any feedback.¬†nope. They haven’t decided yet. Yeah right! I thought I surely will get this job. nope. not yet.

All I want to do right now is sleep. Thanks to Balan, my rock, that bottles have been sterilised and flasks are full with boiled water. I just have to do the washing. Then I can sleep for at aleast couple of hours, if Avni will allow me.


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  1. sudha
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 06:00:29

    en physio? surgeryaa? good luck with ur job search :)! was it freshly made sangria? I make reasonably good white and red sangria simply cannot say you didnt like it, unless you like only hard stuff.


  2. Premalatha
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 09:55:22

    physio – to help tighten my loose tummy
    surgery – local doctor’s place is called surgery. hospital is for serious problems, surgery is for regular appointments. I got confused too when I first came here.
    sangria – freshly made. it was red sangria. tell me how to make it. may be I should try again to appreciate it.
    I don’t like hard stuff. I am a wine drinker, though it gives nasty hang over the next day.


  3. mumbaigirl
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 13:14:34

    You can dilute it with lots of ice and cold water.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself-all new mothers sound the same!
    Are you going to be driving this way any time? Do drop in.


  4. WA
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 13:54:36

    Good luck with the interview(s) Prema. Hope all goes well. And can we have more photos of little Avni please


  5. Premalatha
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 13:36:18

    MG, it was the cinnamon taste dominating that tassted different for me. I will try diluting it next time. thanks. Will surely drop by your place if we are in that neighbourhood.


  6. Premalatha
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 13:39:57

    Thanks WA.
    Hope I can spend some time in organising that videos today. I am planning to upload some videos. Surely will post some photos here.


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