Baby blues are fine

Baby blues are fine. Some tears are fine. Crying all the time means it could be post natal depression. Another link for Baby blues.

Postnatal depression is different than the baby blues, however. It can occur at any time up to about two years after the birth. 

Some reasons for PND 

• If your birth experience was not what you had hoped for, feelings of resentment and anger can build up and be a factor in triggering depression.

• Babies and children are very demanding! Poor sleeping and eating patterns, if they are unrelenting, will wear down even the most determined and optimistic person.

• At a time when you really need support and sympathy, the attention of those close to you is often focused on your new baby.

• The popular image of motherhood is of a radiant, energetic woman with endless patience. The children are always beautifully turned out, the house immaculate, and a casserole is in the oven for dinner! This is seldom the reality, but women do often try to present themselves to the outside world as if it were.

Signs of post natal depression


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