The pregnancy pack

Some of the following are specific to UK. I am doing this post for a friend. Others may find it useful too, so I am addressing in general.

If you have just found out that you are pregnant,

1. Go to your Doctor. Report the blue line. S/He will give some reading material, list of items that you should not eat and list of items you should eat more. Come home, celebrate that you are pregnant. Start taking Folic Acid if you are not taking already.

2. Book your book-in appointment with your midwife.

3. Go to Boots. Ask for a book (it is free). The book gives an idea about pregnancy on a week by week basis. Register for Boots parenting club.

4. Register with Babycentre , Pampers, HuggiesClub, Bounty, iVillageMumsNet and any other Pregnancy and Baby site you come across. Most of them send you weekly updates on your pregnancy to your inbox. And they all host forums. Print the voucher from Bounty, take it to ASDA and get a Mums-to-be pack.

5. Include orange juice, more calcium and more iron in your regular diet. Include Omaga3 as well.

6. Start reading about the tests and scans. At 8-10 weeks, you should have got your midwife appointment. Before 12 weeks, dating scan should be done depending on your NHS trust. i.e some NHS trusts do dating scan at 8 weeks, some NHS do not do it at all (cost cutting). Ask for one.

Enjoy your pregnancy.


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