C section – 2

C sect is discouraged in UK for several reasons.
1. Cost cutting by NHS
2. It is a major surgery and has all the threats a major surgery poses.
3. Recovery time is longer than normal delivery.
4. Handling the baby during initial days will be difficult. Here in UK they want the mother to handle the baby before even the cutting the cord off. (they put the baby on mother’s chest to let the baby hear mother’s heart beat so that it feels some comfort by hearing a familiar sound she has been hearing until then).
6. C sect is not natural. It is medical intervention. There has to be a genuine medical reason for the medical intervention to happen, otherwise doctors do not feel comfortable with it.
7. My pregnancy so far has not warranted any medical intervention. Though my baby is in breech position now at 33 weeks, I still got time. It can change position before 36 weeks.

Doctor has agreed to let me get C section to deliver my baby as I am panicky about Vaginal delivery. The date is not booked yet.

He told me that I am making a very very wrong choice. He seemed bit dissappointed for agreeing to it.

He also warned Balan that I am a good candidate for post natal depression as he interprets I show clear symptoms already. I am not sure this statement has anything to do with why he has agreed for C sect, but I suspect there may be a link.  He did not record this statement in my notes, so there may not be a link. It may just be his concern.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. turvyc
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 03:32:42

    In spite of the seven very excellent reasons you laid out to not have a c-section, you still are, because you’re “panicky.” Is that really enough argument to outweigh the opposing seven? I’m amazed your doctors agreed to go along with it.


  2. Premalatha
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 10:18:29

    Hi turvyc,

    I didn’t write any positive point for C section at all, or why I chose C section at all in this post. There have been few posts before on this. It is just an update on what is going on with me. the list was to clarify to a friend why my doctor commented and thinks that I have made a wrong choice.


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