33 weeks

33 weeks finishes and 34th week starts today.

Belly has lowered. Not because of the baby position, as my doll is adamantly and happily sitting in breech position kicking me hard when she tries to move her legs, hands and shoulders within that little space.

As the belly has lowered for no reason, I am suggested to go to a physiotherapist after the delivery to tighten the muscles.

Midwife told me the baby was in head down position when she examined last week, but this week, the consultant told me after a regular examination and a scan that the baby is in breech position. Babies can change position from going head down to breech and back to head down as many times as they like (if the have enough space to play around, I guess) during this time, but they have to be in head down position by 36 weeks for the first time deliveries and anytime before delivery for the subsequent deliveries. Head down position is the preferred position for normal delivery. Consultants/midwives will suggest C sect if the baby is not in head down position by 36 weeks. Some mothers prefer normal delivery even for breech babies.

I get back pain now and then. Exercising has becoming bit difficult as the big hanging belly doesn’t co-operate well.

Mother is here. So, my cooking has stopped.

I am given green for C sect, even before the breech position was detected by the consultant. Now since the baby is in breech anyway, he is not bothered and told us also not to be bothered too much about it as it is going to be a C sect. The date is not booked yet.

The doctor told me that I am making a very very wrong choice about C sect. But, I am happy for now.

The consultant has warned Balan that I am a very good candidate for post natal depression. He asked me whether I have been under depression before, I mean, serious depression with medication and all. I said no. But he still told Balan that he needs to be prepared to deal with a heavily depressed woman after the delivery. He told him that he can see he is accompanying me for the appointments, but he has to be more supportive as I show signs of becoming a postnatal-depressed woman! If that means everyone waiting on me, I would love to go totally depressed! 🙂

Again, I have forgotten few bits that I wanted to write in this post. so, will add as I remember.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Seeker
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 06:32:03

    Congratulations!!!! You are experiencing the biggest wonder of this world.

    Best of luck for the childbirth and I hope you enjoy the company of the new family member


  2. Premalatha
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 09:08:16

    Thanks Seeker.


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