Busy again

I love being busy. I love having to write down what I have to do and crossing them out when they are done. I love making lists. I love managing things and people. I love running around.

I also love being lazy. I love getting depressed. I love not doing anything but refreshing my blog to see if there is any new comment or any new hit.

I haven’t replied to many friends’ mails. I haven’t replied to the comments in my blogs. I have to post few links in kathambamaalai to keep it alive before it gets declared dead. But I have been looking at the monitor all day, playing websudoku (I know it is a stupid game) or freecell or reading some blogs repeatedly. Haven’t left many comments in their blogs either.

I have become a trustee for a volunteer organisation. That too an active trustee, meaning,  manager + doer trustee. Which means work and my time! It was nice to be in a dim-lit hall in a village with a bunch of volunteer trustees who are worried about their community they are living in and spending their valuable time to improve it. The organisation for which I am a trustee is a youth centre for the local young people. The purpose of the centre is to create an environment and a place where they can spend their time (hang out) so that they are not distracted towards unwanted activities. It is going to be a steep learning curve for me.

I am also planning to read and do one more (perhaps two levels) certification before the baby is born. I might need to do yet another certification, but I am not planning to do it yet.


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