Post natal depression and Killing mothers

Mothers have been jailed for Cot death babies, though the exact cause of Cot death is yet to be figured out.

I have seen few episodes of Law & Order proving mothers killing their children, when they were very much sane.

Post natal depression is something not very commonly well known among Indians, particularly not in India. Post natal depression can happen for various reasons, starting from the draining of all hormones during child birth. These hormones were the ones that keept the pregnant woman happy during her pregnancy. Sudden draining of it leaves the body and mind in sudden depression.

Confusions derived from cultural demands and pouring guilt over that woman from all corners is not going to help anyone. Agreed, Indian women cannot kill their children as they are under constant watch, but what good does it do to anyone by keeping a woman under guilt by saying that she is a bad person and what not.

Not related to the above rant, but a good recommendation from me is a movie “A cry in the dark” aka “Evil Angels”.


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  1. Brian Tristam Williams
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 21:39:48

    A Cry in the Dark: My favourite film of all time. 🙂


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