Autumn 2007


Unlike the usual one-week-autumn with a weekend or an over night heavy wind leaving the trees bare, this year’s autumn has been slow and delightful to the eyes. As I do not have to worry about the delayed trains due to leaf falling this year, I can enjoy the leaves on the roads even more.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Planethalder
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 13:16:46

    My favourite season. What a pretty photo! Happy Diwali to you and all.


  2. Premalatha
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 20:24:00

    Happy Diwali to you. Enjoy your autumn.


  3. Michelle
    Nov 13, 2007 @ 14:57:18

    I love autumn and especially here in the Uk with the fantastic tree colours. I love the ivy creeper stuff that goes red too (No idea what it is really, I’m not a gardener!)


  4. Premalatha
    Nov 14, 2007 @ 19:55:28

    You live in Scotland, that too with deers dancing in your garden and stealing your parsley. Autumn in the south (anywhere in England is south for you, ini?) is not as beautiful as in Scotaland. I have toured Scotland during summer, during spring and during winter. Now you are tempting me to tour in autumn once. Next year may be. đŸ™‚


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