Baby position

At which week exactly does the baby have to turn head down? Can you feel it?

My baby was not in head down position when the midwife checked last time. The next midwife appointment is after four weeks.

Thanks in advance.  


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  1. silentoneinlondon
    Nov 07, 2007 @ 17:07:46

    If I remember correctly, it is only during the last stages, so week 37 or 38.. though if I am not wrong, the midwife said it could happen as early as 33/34 weeks..


  2. brambledoula
    Nov 07, 2007 @ 17:18:42

    They don’t have to turn head down, babies can be born normally breech. check out Generally they will turn by 37-38 weeks but it’s not unheard of for them to turn during labor. If you’re not thriled at th eprospect of having a breech baby try acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming, inverted positions, pulsatilla, talk to your baby, visualization, have your partner talk to the baby, etc.


  3. Premalatha
    Nov 07, 2007 @ 17:23:38

    Thanks Brambledoula. Will check out.


  4. desigirl
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 07:38:58

    i think any time after 36 weeks is good news.


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