Wannabe moms

I am a wannabe mom too. But, I am not as soft as this one. I like kids. Don’t get me wrong, but i do not think one has to have a child (/children) in order to achieve a “completeness” in life. This theory is common amongst women mainly, feeling incomplete and feeling guilty for not “giving” a baby and thus not “giving” “the happiness” the family/husband “deserves”!. Some may feel sentimental. I am not going to go blunt on her. She is going through a difficult phase. I do not want to hurt her. But, I hope she doesn’t feel guilty. I hope she doesn’t blame herself.  Hope she understands that she doesn’t have to have a child of her own. Hope she understands that she doesn’t have to have a child  at all.

My reasons for “no” to donor are different. That is a topic of post for another day. She is in a dilemma too. But her reasons are different. I do not want to say anything there. (wait, I have commented, haven’t I? Idiot!).

I hope she doesn’t find her way to this blog and to this post. I have seen many of my readers of one blog do not crisscross with my other blogs. Very few know all my blogs. Hope it stays that way.

When I first saw her blog, my first thought was, “did I open this blog and write all these? They sound like my posts except that there are no spelling and/or grammar mistakes!!” 🙂 Then, after reading few other posts, it was clear that I didn’t write those posts unconsciously, as the information there (in her blog) are different. ! phew!. 🙂

All the best to whatever she wants. All the best to her happiness.


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