Gilmore girls

Mother-daughter relationship. Emily Gilmore, Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore.  Very beautiful Drama.  

I now own a complete pack of all five seasons. Six DVDs for each season. (It is Balan’s idea of gift. How sweet. 🙂 Don’t know the occasion though. Now he is searching for Judging Amy, all six seasons, and the sixth season Gilmore girls). 

I enjoy sharing. So, don’t hesitate if you would like to borrow. It will be my pleasure.


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  1. B o o.
    Mar 02, 2007 @ 22:53:52

    I started watching GG 2 years back when I was in Swiss. Then missed out when I was in India for a year. Now I am out of the loop. But I remember how hooked I was to the show and would nt even answer the phone when the show was on!! (Thats rare even for me!) I love the witty repartee!


  2. Premalatha
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 08:27:28

    I didn’t get to watch every episode. I happened to watch the final episode of the fifth season and that was when I wanted to follow the story. Otherwise it was the relationship that is very nicely portrayed.

    This time I watched how it all started. This time I paid more attention to Emily Gilmore. She is a lovely lady. Lorelai does not actually hate her. it is Love hate relationship they have. Like me and my chithi. Emily is so much like my Chithi (except that my chithi is not rich. 🙂 )

    I have read the story (how it is continuing) in the internet and I hate the producers for making the girls break up with every nice man they come across in their life. they are cruel. they are making it as another “days of our lives” kind.

    Watch Judging amy too if you get it in Swiss. It has court room drama + real type mother daughter relationship. GG is more towards perfection (Lorelai and Rory) and I always feel it is unreal. Amy and her mother, Amy and her daughter relationship are very nicely given in that drama. also, Juding amy is from true story. About the mother of the actress who is playing Amy. (The actress plays her mother).
    Read her quote “I know for me, a lot of my 20s was about going off and proving that I wasn’t like my mother. I was so different, I wasn’t going to do anything like her. And then, we all know, you fall flat on your face, because you’re exactly like your parents.”

    I so love that. Most of my life I was trying to prove I was so different, not like my chithi or my mother or my father. I even inherited my chithi’s handwriting. Even senthil cannot distinguish between mine and chithi’s. they look so alike. even i get confused sometimes. 🙂 And, now I hate that my voice sometimes sounds like my mother’s. 😦


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