It was snowing. 4am. But Chakra beat me to it. I gave up blogging about it and went to start my day.

Having lived in Scotland, I didn’t think this snow was going to cause driving impossible, but yes I thought it was going to be slow today. Nope, I was wrong. Car started skidding when I started to drive, I hoped it was just the minor road that leads to my house which was not cleared by the snow clearing vehicles, hopefully other roads will be better. Nope, it was all zig-zag drive until I reached the station, luckily I made it to the station. Looking at the cars with hazard lights on and stopped all over the roads after me reaching the platform, I felt relieved that I can go to work today, without realising the trains and their cancellations….. I made it to work too, surprisingly well in time. Life and work continued as ever. It was snowing outside, the chaotic work continued as ever.

some photos. (click on the images).

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                           drive to station            

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Balan cleaning my car                        some poor soul’s cycle

PS: photos were taken by Balan after I had left to work. Time settings show Indian time.


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