Christmas came early

I always wanted (still want) to have a family Christmas celebration like the English do.  I was telling Balan that this year we should decorate, have Christmas tree and buy gifts for each other. Whenever I went towards Christmas decoration aisle in the superstores, Balan discouraged me for financial reasons. Cost of the Christmas trees wasn’t encouraging either. Next year, I told myself, next year. This year I am going to buy all decoration items in the sale after Christmas and it will be just the tree I will have to buy next year. If I haven’t collected clutter in the name of decoration collection, that is. Christmas was coming closer everyday. Last working day before christmas we (at work) all wished each other. For the first time I realised the value of distributing Christmas cards. I liked the response I got when I distributed cards. I got special kiss from a friend to whom I gave, not-gift-wraped, but carefully selected her favourite flavoured vodka. One of my team member was running to catch her coach to spend her Christmas with her family. I wanted to be her. I just wanted to swap my life with her.

The four day holiday wasn’t going to be anything big, but a good cleaning long weekend. We had already committed one day to Chakra to fix curtains and frames in Chakra’s house. So that left us with three days of holiday. As the two days weekends have never been enough to complete the whole clean, wash, iron and cook routine, I thought i should try to reach close to complete the routine this weekend. Back of my mind and Balan’s mind we have been feeling guilty for not having met up with Renga for quiet sometime. We invited Renga and family to join us for the holiday. We asked the Chakra family to join as well.

There came the Christmas.

My Christmas wish came true, only a day early. It was a lovely Christmas. There was no baked turkey, but we had baked briyani. Some messed up thingy got accepted as very tasty kuruma. I thought it was channa. My lovely methi kulambu got rejected. Why do I complain when I get to keep it all to myself?

Neither Balan nor myself realised the happening of our wish coming true and we fought a little with each other, well that makes it real I would say. But Chakra and Renga rushed to rescue Balan from me and all went fine after that.

It was Christmas.

I guarantee that there will/might be a time when we might dislike each other or we  might go in totally different paths. But no one can take this away from me that it was Christmas. Just a day early. I am hoping to continue the tradition, if Renga and Chakra wouldn’t mind joining us every year this time. This tradition is even more special for us that it was this time last year we all three families had similar time together.

Happy Christmas and happy new year.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vidya
    Dec 28, 2006 @ 04:48:45

    Small things like this means a lot in our lives. I have been doing a lot of retrospection the last few days and realized how much of our happiness we owe to the very company of your friends. And incidentally, Renga is a good friend of mine 🙂


  2. Vidya
    Dec 28, 2006 @ 04:50:08

    a typo in my previous comment. It should be “I have been doing a lot of retrospection the last few days and realized how much of our happiness we owe to the very company of our friends.” and not ‘your’ 😀


  3. Jay
    Dec 29, 2006 @ 04:07:28

    Hi Prema,

    Happy New Year to you too!



  4. Premalatha
    Jan 08, 2007 @ 07:17:45

    Hi Vidya and Jay,

    Hope you had a nice holday and a wonderful start.


  5. Dubukku
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 18:28:54

    athukkenna vandhutta pocchu :))
    (ithe maathiri saapadu kidaikumna christmas enna ammavasaikku kooda vara thayar thaan :))


  6. Dubukku
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 18:29:22

    and it was our pleasure (englibis karan maathiri sollanumla )


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