Desi aversion

don’t want to know any more of them.

Screaming kids – bad parenting

எம்பிள்ள பயங்கர வாலு (my child is a brat) – bad parenting

saliva soaked hands, spitting on other people – bad parenting

crying kids to get what they want – bad parenting

suppressed development (this is becoming too common these days as the parents are soooo scared, they keep the kid arrested in their arms/laps) – bad parenting

my child eats only sweets – bad parenting

my child doesn’t eat at all – bad parenting

my child doesn’t sleep, and i need to do soooooo many things to get her/him sleep – bad parenting

my child doesn’t go to anyone – bad parenting

my child is possessive (doesn’t share toys or doesn’t like me holding other kids) – bad parenting


yep you guessed right. I have been to a Desi party, a child’s birthday celebration. too many kids, too many moms (with too many gold in the display. i find children wearing gold chains disgusting. men wearing gold chain – ewww.), too many “proud” moms sharing their “difficulties”. 😦 If my kid is going to be like any one of them, or if i am going to become one of those moms, i do not want children. i am fine, thank you. I like other people’s nice kids who are pleased to see “this” auntieeeee, recognise me, smile at me, come to me, repeat what I teach them, a week later their moms tell me that their kids have been doing what i taught all week …. I am the nice auntieee.. don’t call me mami, i will kill you, athai works fine.


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  1. Mahi
    Dec 12, 2006 @ 17:14:13

    it irritates when someone comments about parenting. commenting others is damn easy. veetai kattip paar, kalyaanam pannip paar – idhoda oru pillaiya petrup paar, adhai neeye valarthup paar num sekkanum. i was a nice auntie too few years ago, but when it comes to your kid, trust me, its absolutely difficult. unless you become a parent you can’t understand this.


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