Moving on – Tests

If the conception didn’t happen after few attempts, it is normal to have doubts about our health. There are few tests that one could/should do if they want to know/clear-their-doubts.

For men: Semen analysis

For women:

  1. blood tests to find out about whether or not the ovulation is happening (one test on 2-4th day of the cycle and one on 21st day, if your cycle is a 28 day one)
  2. follicular studies – scan reports telling about the ovulation profile
  3. laparoscopy to see whether is there anything blocking the travel of egg or sperm
  4. hysterosalpingogram  to see whether the fallopian tubes are open or blocked and whether the blockage is located at the junction of the tube and the uterus (proximal) or whether it is at the end of the fallopian tube (distal).

There are several websites giving much more information about these than what I can write.  They are written by professionals; so it is good to read those sites. Do some google yourselves too.

Some links:


Thyroid disorder and pregnancy

Ovarian cyst

Common  causes of infertility

Please add info if you know more. thanks.


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