Flirt or Settle or, Settle with the Flirt?

There is this perfect guy one would consider to flirt with (good flirt/fancying-sort-of-flirt) and there is this another perfect guy one would consider to settle down with, well it is also that the flirt-guy is a good catch (very good catch), but, no, not for me (well, he could be very good to settle down with too).

Anyway, both work with me. I get to see them everyday. There are quite a lot of issues I deal with them everyday and evertime they prove that they are perfect. I am also pleased to note that they are (both of them) attracted to me as well. (just proves that I am not obselete, not yet).

 Life is all fine, except that I am settled with a guy whom I flirted with, eight years ago. Life sucks. 😦 (Not that I complain about good Sambhars I get as a result of jelousy coming from having to hear the stories I tell every day 😀 )

(It is just this bloody culture I grew up with makes my body move in certain ways so that no bloody men species’s can make any sort of physical contact with my body. I do it unconciously everytime when there is a men-species around me. Even for a casual thing. 😦 They look at me as if I am weird, and oh yes, my body does move in certain weird fashion to avoid them.  Oh, don’t think too much, it is just the hands and fingers I am talking about. Anything more than that is well protected by my very-cultural up bringing! (I do handshake, and hug/kiss too, but that is different).


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  1. sudha
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 00:56:45

    no, you do not kiss someone you work with, no! atha vida velaiyillaathaa veetoda maapillai who speaks useless vedanthaam kooda better. Also, everyone who flirts is not interested, no? I flirt with a lot of cute guys, I am hardly interested in even a date with most. And as far as the Indian phsyical conservatism thingy goes, athukku solution research panni oru paper publish pannunga paarpom :P? i think we just attach too much importance to that, illa, to the simple touch. we reserve it to that one person and that too never in public, if u come from a conservative south indian family, that is. Antha conditioning poganum, avlo thaan. Ithai 1955 la ye Joseph Campbell etc ezhithi irukkaanga. I personally think its impossible to stop this conditioning:

    Saerthu vachi ivlo ezhuthittaen ippo unga blogla 🙂


  2. Premalatha
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 07:53:55

    kiss is “welcome/bye” kiss on the ckeek. european culture. don’t assume kiss is a snog.
    “interest” is not “settle down for the rest of your life”. Get your theories straight first.
    What do you think “flirting” is? “hi”, and “going for a coffee together”?


  3. sudha
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 07:13:37

    ouchhhhhhh, pachcha molakaai!


  4. Dadoji
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 09:23:44

    You mean to tell me your body keeps poor B away? >:)


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