This is a great deal more complicated than the simple joining of a sperm and an egg. It is a complex process in which a variety of conditions have to be right to ensure that it is successful

reads my “The family Encyclopedia of Medice & Health”.

I am going to copy some more selected texts directly from my encyclopedia.

A man produces 400 million sperm in each ejaculation.

Some of the sperm die in the acid conditions of vagina. Some more die before reaching the egg.

Sperm can stay in the fallopian tube for three days. If an egg is already there, then fertilisation takes place, or it waits there for three days.

There are several reasons for the conception to not happen in the first attempt or in the first few attempts itself. Stress is one of them. Change of environment is certainly another one of them. If one does not get pregnant in the first few attempts, it does not mean that there is a problem. What is a “problem”, btw?

Checking blood pressure, sugar level and having some good time to keep your stress level low are few additions I would suggest to the “preparing yourself” list.


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