Tagging me

State nine things (weird or otherwise) about yourself.
Then tag 6 others, and also let them know that you’ve tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog

  1. It is a binary system out there

  2. My father used to tell everyone very proudly, “My daughter is like a computer”. He couldn’t have been more right about me. It is either 0 or 1 is what I understand. Not a long ago I upgraded myself to an 8bit system, thereby stretching the grey values between 0 and 255, but alas, I still code them in 0s and 1s internally.

  3. It is Addiction Addiction.

  4. I switch between addictions. Whenever I am in one particular addiction, I am so loyal to it and hooked on to it.

  5. Bragging time

  6. People think (!!) that I brag too much about myself. No, I don’t actually. Never. Jeezz.

  7. Young at heart

  8. People underestimate my age. I often (always) take it as a compliment. Nope, never attempt to tell/convey me that I am actually immature. I will take that also a compliment. 😀

  9. Brother factor

  10. My brother is embarrassed of me and my blog. He has always been embarrassed of me. So, what’s new! He also adores me, but never admits it to me. I cannot (do not want to) let my brother know certain things about me. So, I prefer not to say those things in my blog (as he reads my blogs). Still he is embarrassed of me! Jeezz, brothers!

  11. Depressed

  12. I go depressed quite often. Not many of my friends/acquaintances know this.

  13. Dance Dance Dance

  14. I dance reasonably well. Not many of my friends/acquaintances know this. (Not my brother either). I also sing. Some have told me to shut my mouth, which is a case of “often” actually, while some others have indeed told me that I can sing rather surprisingly well. And some of those later-some-others have been professional singers (true, for godsake, believe me for once. Jeezz, you people). (On a side note, I actually do not use the word “Jeezz” at all in my conversations. May be I should start using it. It sounds cool and seems to convey the meaning better!)

  15. What name Daughter?

  16. I started selecting a name for my daughter since a long time; long time means really looooong time. I even named a girl child (as I was impatient to wait until I have my own) of a friend(?!) when I was less than five years old. But her parents (the friend I was referring) changed the name saying that they had to oblige to their Goddess Pichchaimuththu(???!!!) (and named her after that goddess!!!!). It made me sad. That house, that child, those parents, their hurricane-light (arikken light), that small room, that girl in her mother’s arms, me sitting in their vaasal and looking at her….. stayed in my memory for ever. Her name (the one I gave her) was Vanamaali. I also explained it to her parents that meaning of this one was “wild jasmine, pure and strong in fragrance”. They thanked me like, “thanks but no thanks” (It was them who asked me to name her in the first place, or  so what I believe). The sadness, that moment when I went sad, that hurricane-lighting, that girl in her mother’s arms, me looking at her with my sadness…. Someone stop me please.

    Oh, I never bothered to think “what if my child turns out to be a son? What name then?

  17. Quiet mode (no spelling mistake this time, however surprising it is to you).

  18. Surprisingly I can be very quiet. One of our friends tells me that I have a knob called the mode selector. One of my modes is “Quiet” mode! Sometimes it is because I go too observant or I am too tired. But there are times it is my less-confident-so-quiet-mode mode. It comes from my old-time-sake-introvertedness. It comes back in game occasionally, such as, whenever I feel less confident about my language/conversational-skills, that is when I start ularifying, and cannot form simple sentences.

PS: As it turns out, I can write more than 9, as there are more than just these 9 above. Ha!

So, what about that

10)  Ridiculous comes true?

I have ridiculously unbelievably laughably, oh I give up; I leave it to you. You can give a name to whatever that is. This is what it is, I strongly seriously believed that I will get to sing on stage in front of huge audience. I seriously practised Maasil Veenaiyum for a long time since my 11th std. Guess what, I did get to sing exactly how I imagined (after about ten years or so of my practising). I sang Maasil Veenaiyum. I have few more such “things”, one of them is winning lottery. Yes, I have been and am practising how to get surprised and even how to faint, how to tell my chithi, how to tell my brother and Balan.

I tag,

Icarus Prakash

Balaji (Boston Bala)

Padma Arvind




and Madura the lovely.

(oh, are they seven? more the merrier they say. :D)

PS: I have informed them all.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Visitor
    Oct 07, 2006 @ 21:20:04

    Am I to be surprised or was it just expected!
    Comparing your answers to myself:
    I am not binary – I am n-ary as many as there are people.
    Addictions – Oh, dont tell me!
    Bragging – I never have this habit (or do I?)
    Young at heart – yes very true for me.
    Brother/Sister – never lucky to have a sibling 😦
    Depressed – I thought it was obvious (You think that acquaintances dont know)
    Dance? – what does that mean?
    Daughter – Finally we have a daughter (our pet dog)
    Quite mode- Your quite mode is also kind of visible.
    Unimaginable comes true? – I too have this dream of singing to an audience. Will it happen? Let me have hope from your example.
    And yes I agree 🙂


  2. madura
    Oct 15, 2006 @ 00:36:43

    Dear Prems, this was a totally fantastic post. I absolutely enjoyed it when I read it the first time. It inspired me to think and write mine. Came back today and again enjoyed going through your words!


  3. bsubra
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 17:34:35


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  5. vallisimhan
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 16:34:12

    My brother is embarrassed of me and my blog. He has always been embarrassed of me. So, what’s new! He also adores me, but never admits it to me. I cannot (do not want to) let my brother know certain things about me. So, I prefer not to say those things in my blog (as he reads my blogs). Still he is embarrassed of me! Jeezz, brothers!

    and then he will say,
    nee ellaam periya aLummaa.


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