‘Kash’tomer Customer service

I was late and have already missed two trains. Rushed to the platform and found my square. I saw that staff behind the counter I was talking to yesterday and day before, walking towards me. Is he travelling today? not working? I smiled at him, thinking that he might recognise me. He did. Smiled back. In fact he was coming towards me.

“Remember the refund you were asking yesterday?” Oh yes. But, how do you remember?

“Do you remember there was another customer with your surname we mistook for you yesterday?, Dave did the same mistake and entered your refund to that person. For some reason we do not have your detail in our database, again this time also Dave did not enter, you know he thought it was that person, so he did not add another one in the database….. Can I take your ticket number to send you the refund to you, and also I am going to add your detail to our database this time”. You remembered to cross check? You came all the way up to the platform looking for me? And, today I was late and I might have hardly spent 1/2 a second in the counter area before I was flashing off to the platform.. 

(And, I submitted the refund form to Dave, the previous day evening on my way back home).

PS: Suggest a title please. Will change it.


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  1. Dubukku
    Sep 02, 2006 @ 15:09:12



  2. Dadoji
    Sep 05, 2006 @ 07:17:22

    Customer Service in Land of Stiff Upper Lip


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