I do a long commute these days. Reading books and/or paper during your train journey is part of the English culture. I used to be sarcastic at them once. Now I think it is a good idea and I have adopted it. It gives me the space to break myself from home and preapres me to start my work. It calms me down and helps me get through the tiring commute. But, I cannot read any book.  I like my reading to be less heavy. A big no no to thought provoking and informative stuff. I like something very light, but should be gripping enough to draw me back to the book the moment I find a seat or place to stand after changing trains. Also, I would like them to be little more than just. Peter Robinson’s Alan Banks series is exactly that kind. The character “Alan Banks” in his novels is a curry eating English detective who lives in Yorkshire, England. His stories happen all around England, not just in Yorkshire. The recent one I just have finished was about London and around and I could recogonise some of the streets and restaurants described in the novel. When I first started reading English books, I started with Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple series. I liked them for Miss marple and how Agatha Christie describes Miss Marple and her England. But that is a little older England for me. Even the style of conversation in the book is so different from what I see today. Whereas in Peter Robinson’s, he brings me today’s England and gives me a better understanding of their sentences, their jokes and some ideas about their system. One of his books was about war time England, which was the first of his books I read, and was the one that got me become his fan. It was the detail, and the flow. Unlike in many detective stories, the storyline doesn’t dominate in his novels, although his storylines are much better than the storylines of the detective stories I have read, which I could usually predict well before the ending. When I read his novels I do not try to predict, as it never occur to me that there is a story here and it will have a conclution at some point and I might have to be interested in knowing the conclusion. It is always the mere reading of his book that interests me. His books are not one of those books about which one could say “do you read Peter Robinson?”, with a glitter in your eyes expecting the other person to show some recognition of intellectual of some kind for your reading choices. I do not think many would even know who he is. Less number of his books in charity shops or in carboot sales support my previous statement.   I have not read Jeffrey Archer or Sidney sheldon (I think I have read a translated version of one of his novels) or even John Grisham (I have seen movies and I love them). I do not know how many others are around and certainly do not know who writes what type and what is that I supposed to have read. So, I cannot really say that “I read books”. I am not going to add that “yet” at the end of the previous sentence as I do not have intentions to read all of the above, not even close to that, well no any intention of starting that process actually,  but have interests in reading Jeffry Archer’s books, partly because I have some of them in my book case and Chakra has agreed to loan me some. For a person of such a lousy reading habits, I have a book case full of books (they are stacked in few book cases all around the house, but I think if I arrange them properly they will occupy one full book case). Credit goes to “Car boot sale”. That too I have recently discovered a stall which sells new books for 50p! I know, I know. it is wrong to buy pirated books. It is just only one book I have bought so far. 🙂 All other books I have collected are majorly from car boot sale as used books are thrown at a bargain price of 20p to 50p in car boot sales. Some are from charity shops and just a little more than a couple are from Waterstones/WHSmith (the big bookshops that sell new books). A lot of them are in unread status. I just have started reading Wendy Holden’s  Fame Fatale. Might switch back to Peter Robinson again as I just have bought another one of his novels today. As I do not know anything about English books and authors, I just go by some recommendations or from what is written on the back cover. I do not go by “best seller” or “the no.1 seller”, as every book published in England seem to fall under that category.

The purpose of this post is, I am going to list out the books I have, and if you have read or come across any of them, please let me know if it is a crap so that I could save my time from finding out so.

Books I have bought today are,

Life of Pi  – Yann Martel  (this one comes highly recommended)

Say When – Elizabeth Berg (the pirated one)

Brick Lane – Monica Ali

Would I lie to You – Francesca Clementis

The Wives of Bath – Wendy Holden

Aftermath – Peter Robinson

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dadoji
    Aug 03, 2006 @ 16:08:54

    Life of Pi is a wonderful book. reco++


  2. Premalatha
    Aug 10, 2006 @ 19:10:47

    Boss, it is heavy stuff for me. I tried but, I felt it was heavy. Will try again later. thank you.


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