The main theme of this post’s is something I do not want to talk about, what interests me is the following paragraph.

I think there are two types of teaching- Intentional and Unintentional. Intentional teaching involves parent consciously teaching the kids- like how to pray, or ride a bicycle, eating habits, etc. Unintentional teaching could be dad smoking, mom scolding the maid, dad upholding secular principles while talking to others, mom talking negative against certain religions or caste, dad throwing garbage on the streets, etc. This kid who is trained to believe everything his parents teach also acquires these prejudices and habits without questioning them. While some kids are taught to reevaluate their learning, most others inherit all their parents’ prejudices. For those who do not reevaluate, their ability to acquire new learning also diminishes and they continue to harbor the same prejudices all their life. If needed they fight vehemently and vociferously, blinded by faith. They do not know what they do not know and hence they seem to believe they know everything.

(Emphasis: mine)

update: Just finished reading his posts on those-who-we-do-not-speak-of, the posts are about more than just those-who-we-do-not-speak-of. Very impressed. šŸ™‚

And to that certain person who has been asking me how do I know these many blogs, am I spending too much time in blog hopping, it is Gilli that has been feeding (spoiling) me these days :D. They are Tamil font folks, slow for you šŸ˜¦ .


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