Let us entertain you

“I am going”
That was the plan. Go. I have time.
“What if someone indeed comes in time”.
“I don’t think anyone will. Also don’t you remember we do not get the access until 12noon. But the village market finishes by 11.30, I think. The minister always gives a good gap between programmes. I am pretty sure, though he has advanced it by one hour for us, I am pretty sure there is still some gap between the village market and our programme”.
“Listen. I am not talking about that. What if someone comes by 11am itself and waits outside only to find out that there is this village market, what, did you say that market might be over by 11.30? if we get access by 11.30 itself then we can start fixing the speakers”
“No. The minister specifically told me not to disturb the ladies. They are local ladies selling their homemade cakes and handmade stuff. They are his regulars”
“I will go and talk to the ladies”.
“Did you not hear a single word I told you. The minister didn’t want them to be disturbed.”
“Did you not hear what I was saying? What if someone comes and finds out that there is no one there?”
I thought he might have gone by now. It is already 11.10. What else do I have to do?
“Balan, if you are going now, I need to bring my car and there is already less parking spaces.”
“I know. That is why I am asking you to look at the time. Why are you in pyjamas still?”
Bloody hell.. just gimme five minutes..

“hello”, “Balan, see the road”, “hello”, “Premalatha, take the phone” “hello”, “hello yaaru, sollunga?” “hello”, “premalatha take the phone” “Give the phone, hello”, “Hello, I am waiting outside the fire station. Where is the venue?”, “oh, emm, fire station IS the venue. Just wait there. We are on the way”. “OK”.
“Didn’t I tell you? Someone has come. And, We are not there. che. Who is it?”.
“I think it is Dadoji, because he didn’t understand your Tamil. But his voice did sound very much like a Tamil voice. Could be one of those new members. Our tamil people, they always speak in English first”.

It was Dadoji. Waiting there. We didn’t even say sorry for making him wait. I was all occupied with seeing him in person and thinking about our discussion here and smiling at him… Balan was all occupied with seeing the old ladies packing and how to get the unfolded chairs left unfolded so that it saves our time. “no balan, minister was particular about not dist……” He was already in, talking to the ladies. Got few tables left unfolded. Few ladies were not happy with us for not letting them know about the programme in advance, as they wanted to enjoy some indian music too.I apologised and told them, next time I certainly will do that.

So, Dadoji and Balan started setting up the chairs and tables and speakers…
“hello, we are stuck in M11, we are coming late, start the programme in time, even if we are not there” Start the programme for whom? It is just Dadoji, Balan and myself….

The pick-up facility Balagi vaitheeswaran came promptly late after all who needed pick-up have arrived. Some familiar faces, familiar voices and some new… slowly…
Read Renga’s report in Tamil for a detailed report on the rest of the programme.

Drill master Renga was after me all the time because of my bad time-sense. I had my photo session done first, I wanted to have it done before the crown leaves my hand. Done. Mahalingam was the runner up and Harris was the second runner up. Still Balaji was the winner. His catwalk was priceless.

Everyone enjoyed the paattukku paattu (antakshri) and dumb charades. Bingo was boring for the participants, but a money winner for me. Didn’t do kuththu (I still managed to dance a little, as promised. Renga has the video), as the CD didn’t work.

It was a wonderful day. We enjoyed thoroughly.

Herald Express reported it. The next day I got a cheque from Mrs. K. A. Smith. Now I think I get the hang of it.

PS: more pictures will follow, after collecting pictures from other(s’) cameras.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SLN
    May 26, 2006 @ 20:58:00

    Paper-la, en Photovum varumnu paarthen :((. Parava-illa, paavam appuram Paper circulation koranjirukkum



  2. ammani
    May 26, 2006 @ 21:18:00

    Excellent report and the cheque from Mrs Smith is so touching.


  3. Dubukku
    May 27, 2006 @ 09:49:00

    nice report.

    Drill master Renga – 😦 aaarrghhh


  4. Balaji S Rajan
    May 27, 2006 @ 13:10:00

    I am happy for the coverage by the local newspaper. The picture of children have come out very well. Thanks for publishing a special post on the event too. Everything has come out together well. Good work.


  5. sudha
    May 27, 2006 @ 23:47:00

    waaaaaaaat … the cd didnt work? waaaaaaaat?????????


  6. Dadoji
    May 30, 2006 @ 13:47:00

    Poor Renga, he was anything but a drill master. Renga, fikar not!

    > I think it is Dadoji, because he didn’t understand your Tamil.

    Actually, I did not hear it because of all that background noise on both sides of the line.

    Somebody post that photo of Balaji on all fours. It was zibly awesome.

    Sorry I could not stay longer…looks like I missed out on some sweets. 😦

    And those who arrived late escaped the third degree abuse Premalatha heaped on Balan and moi – she played the piano single handedly while talking to someone on the phone. *arghhhh*


  7. Premalatha
    May 30, 2006 @ 19:58:00

    And those who arrived late escaped the third degree abuse Premalatha heaped on Balan and moi – she played the piano single handedly while talking to someone on the phone. *arghhhh*


    That was me playing piano, and whatever you thought as me talking over phone, was me singing over phone 🙂 The poor soul on the other side of the phone was none other than our own Renga.


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