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So, at first I felt scared and despairing, and ashamed because of that stigma……….

Suddenly I was seeing everything in terms of power, realizing that the men around me couldn’t use their physical power in public, and that they only have mental power over me insofar as I let them. ……….

And I won’t let them – not out of misguided politeness or discomfort. Not anymore……..

Fuck every culture that allows this to happen, and fuck the men who try to take advantage of my gender, my youth, my inexperience in India. ………….

In many ways, humanity is completely, mind-bogglingly, unimaginably corrupt and horrible, but I fucking refuse to let that beat me down. ………….

Even if I’m physically safe, though, it might be psychologically difficult for me to be alone. Even though I’m feeling all empowered now, it might be hard to enjoy my trip if I’m constantly worrying that a significant fraction of the people around me are just waiting for me to reveal some minor vulnerability, or to be alone with me for a single second, so they can try to rape me. If every time a man looks at me or talks to me I get furious and repulsed. Sure, not everyone is out to get me…but how can I tell? …………

Thanks to Gilli (Tamil site).


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  1. sudha
    Feb 11, 2006 @ 16:09:00

    that is solely the effect of indian conditioning 🙂


  2. Bliss
    Feb 19, 2006 @ 04:23:00

    No, India is not the only place it happens. I live in America, and I’ve seen it and known people who’ve experienced it plenty…don’t be fooled. Evil is all around us, not concentrated in one area–and taking advantage of a woman IS evil.


  3. Guyana-Gyal
    Feb 22, 2006 @ 15:27:00

    This taking of power from women, of women losing power, is something that concerns me greatly. It breaks my heart to see women and children hurt.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  4. Guyana-Gyal
    Feb 22, 2006 @ 15:28:00

    I’ not sure if my comment was anonymous, it shouldn’t be, that previous one.


  5. trv
    Feb 26, 2006 @ 19:58:00

    ya, miththam is how most of us call it, colloquially.
    its great you were in cbe. my mother lived there. i have heard many stories about the 1C bus, rainbow theatre, etc..–>


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