Happy Halloween, Happy Ramadan and Happy Diwali

It is so strange that cultures developed so far away celebrate almost at the same time. Atleast pongal, sankranthi, basant panchami and few other festivals during that time coincide becaues it is basically an “after harvest” time.

Happy Halloween,

Happy Ramadan

and Happy Diwali (Happy Diwali at thehallofmaat)

Please read more on these three interesting festivals.


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  1. Michelle
    Nov 01, 2005 @ 09:01:00


    The portion on Halloween is good, but it leaves out the original Pagan festival – Samhain.

    There’s a great link here:

    but for those who don’t want to go that deep. Samhain (“sow- ‘en”) was a Celtic religious festival and probably celebrated around the begining of November. It was a mix of harvest festival and a New year festival where the Celtic New year was seen as a time to remember the dead.

    In more modern times we have another holiday in Britain that is linked to Samhain – Guy Fawke’s on November 5th. The fireworks, bonfire and “burning of the Guy” are all from Samhain originally.

    There were always bonfires at Samhain and animals were sacrificed and it is believed maybe people were sacrificed in the fire as well. It could have been the Green Man – the ancient god of plants and nature. He is seen as “dying” in autumn to be reborn after Mid-winter (Yule/Christmas). Or it could have been an offering of a human sacrifice to the Goddess of the corn and harvest. After a while the sacrifice became “symbolic” and people started burning human figures made of straw.. which in turn became the “Guy” burnt on Guy Fawke’s night.

    That’s a bit rough, but it should give everyone a bit of an idea. 🙂


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