Diwali Invitation

update: (by dubukku)

Hi All,

Greetings to you & your family!

Diwali Party preparations are going on in full swing. Close to 51 enthusiastic bunch of people – including you, are gonna be part of the fun. A hall to accomodate the gathering have been booked in East Ham and please find below the details of the same. Also please go through the attached list.txt to confirm the details of you and your pals are correct. Especially no. of Kids. If any details are wrong pls let us know straight away. We do not have all of your email id’s and hence if you have referred any friends could you pls fwd them a copy of this email. We presume Everyone in the list know or speak tamil – pls let us know if otherwise. Our contact numbers are given along with the bottom signature.


Sri Narayana Guru Mission 16 Barking Road, Eastham London E6 3BP

The venue is situated in the very popular Green Street / Barking Road Junction, just opposite to Boleyn Cinema. Please look for a bus stop opposite to Boleyn cinema and the venue is just right behind the bus stop shelter.

Street Map


17:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

Please ensure that you are in the venue on time. As we would announce the agenda in tomorrow’s email, you would soon learn that time is at premium and it would be possible to have maximum fun only if you participate right from the beginning. Remember, it is 5 o’clock on Saturday evening!


Nearest Tube station is Upton Park on the District Line. Turn left from the station in the Green Street. Once you reach Barking Road junction Signal the venue is just right in the opposite of the road (right hand side) behind the bus stop. Any problems, do give one of us a ring.


There are just 3 parking spaces in front of the venue which are very unlikely to be free (remember as Co-ordinators we will be there first to grab them, though one of us is still learning to drive). But all the nearby roads like St.Martyns Road, Creighton Road, Compton Avenue, Loxford Avenue, Boleyn Road etc. off Barking Road have on-street parking. Many of these roads are one ways. We are sure you will be able to find parking. If not please ring the co-ordinators for parking service for a subsidised fee of £15. Remember, VAT would be applied for this service.

Driving Instructions:

Get on to the Car. Check Door, Seat, Seatbelt, Steering, Mirror. Then Mirror, Mirror Signal and drive on. You are right in thinking that one of us is taking driving lessons and another one has not driven outside East Ham.

For further driving directions, refer to Multi Map or feel free to contact Balan.

If you are a risk taker, you can call Renga or Chakra as well for driving directions. Blaming the coordinators if you end up in Scotland or even France would not be entertained under any circumstances. However, we are pleased to say that this service is offered free of cost.

Warm Regards
Balan, Chakra and the great, Renga

Renga and Saranya Renga + 2 kids
Chakra and Charu Chakra + 1 Kid
Balan and Premalatha Balan
KrishnaKumar and Uma Krishnakumar + 1 kid
Suresh (Uma’s Friend) and Priya Suresh + 1 kid
Ramesh and Devi Ramesh + 1 Kid
Santosh Benjamin and Jenniffer Benjy
Mahesh Raghavan
Jeyaram and Sindhuja Jeyaram + 1 Kid
Venugopaland Rohini Venugopal + 2 Kids
Jeyamani and Shailaja Jeyamani + 2 Kids
Prabagaranand Vidhya Prabagaran + 1 Kid
Suresh Babu + Prakruthi Suresh Babu
Ram Kumar
Suresh (Renga’s Friend) and Krishna Suresh + 2 kids
Kumaravel and Karpaga Kumaravel + 1 kid
Prabhuand Latha Prabhu + 2 kids
Balaji and Malini Balaji
Mahalingam and Shobana Mahalingam + 1 kid
Shobhana’s Dad
Mosses Deva Ruban
Shiva Shankar
Guru and Deepa Guru + 1 kid
Deepa’s Mum
Balaji and Hema Balaji
Balaji Viswanath


(Sorry I am breaking the rule!!! It is an anouncement!! )

We are organising a Diwali party at East Ham, London. Attractions are food, some games for children and some other games for adults. There may be some entertainment. Song and music by Dubukku Renga shouldn’t put you off, he IS a good composer, I tellya. :). Under Captain Chakra’s able leadership, I hope our evening will be a memorable one. More accurate details will be posted later, what I know at the moment are:

Venue : East Ham community hall
Date October 29, saturday evening
donation (I mean compulsary) : £10 per head for adults and children above 10yrs. Others go free.

Please mail me (premalatha_balan [at] yahoo [dot] co dot uk) or Renga (r_ramn [at] yahoo [dot] com) or Chakra (sam_chakra [at] yahoo [dot] com), But don’t mail all of us. You might cost yourself a triple charge:(

Will be glad if you could confirm early, as we have to count you for odering food. See, how caring we are:)

Mail me or Renga or Chakra.



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