The running girl

Whaddayaknow! I run now! Well, not quite, but I am well out of, you know the “V word” for running! Week3, day 1 completed! And the app I am using uses (looks like) the “200yards and 400 yards” instead of minutes, (see the program for Week3Day1), it brought me home early and I covered less distance than I normally cover! Confused? I cover more distance than what is expected at this stage! Whooohooooo! And, it was raining today, and I was still out and running!

But just one teenyweeny thing is that I still do not enjoy running. I do it like a chore! It is hard to get out of the house every time! I so look forward to the “start walking” voice, when running! I so look at the reference points to complete and come back home! :-(


Going to a beach

My childhood memories of going to a beach involved going in a tour bus, a dip in the ocean, another dip in the “good water” and then changing clothes in the open space, which was embarrassing and awkward. Then going to the market street to buy hand-fans made of palm leaves and buying  palm sugar in boxes made of palm leaves. Then the vast Madras beach, which was too hot to step foot on. Never understood why people went to such a hot hostile beach and what did they enjoy there. Not to mention the crowd and the unclean environment. Then came the English seaside experience. At first I kept looking for a beach, which was not there. All that muddy puddles and yucky muddy puddles, and then suddenly there was the sea, looking like a big blue waveless pond, calm and quiet. The sea was quite English. Calm, controlled and not expressing. To a person who is used to having noise as the soul of life, the sea looked depressing. And the absence of beach looked yucky. Thank God that I didn’t go with a lot of excitement about the visit to the beach. You got to live in this gloomy country for a one whole year of gloomy depressing cold winter and sprinkles for rain to appreciate the yucky muddy puddles for sea and beach. Give me the scorching sun and the shade under a neem tree any day. That was life. Life has to have drama. The sun and the shade. That was life. Noisy houses and the quiet gullies. That was life. Long gone. long lost. Back in the muddy puddle seaside, children were excited to see anything sandy. I had to sit down to get the concept of going to the English seaside. What’s with the windbreakers around some people? Probably I will never get that, but I am quiet and calm, sitting down on the sand and  not expecting anything else. Just need a book and less two kids, to enjoy the sit down. Not yet. the boy loved the visit to the beach. The girl complained about the prickly sand and sticks getting inside her sandals and did not think anything about the visit was enjoyable.  It was a good day out, truly.


Edited to add:

How can I forget the must haves of the English day out? the KITES of course! We did not forget to carry a couple of kites. It can be an enlightening experience to see the competitiveness and the display of skills and cleverness in flying kites. The boy managed to get his kite off the ground and my girl didn’t give a fleeting look at that colorful thing, called kite. My girl.

life of a COW 2 – Sunday gone on self help and such

So, I was applying nail polish while my husband was cleaning the bathroom. Sure, such a win for feminism and for those who term the likes of me as “militant feminists” and those who claim why feminism is bad for the world and for those feminists who say, “I am not that kind of feminist” and those who say, “you see, we need menism against these women now” and all that…. After all those smirks on your face that you have caught me, would you have thought there was anything wrong in the following scene: I am cooking in the kitchen, my husband was shaving in the bathroom..?

Yeah, you need your “views” re-evaluated. You can wipe off that embarrassment along with your long gone smirk on your face.

I am watching TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg and going to watch Amy Cuddy’s “your body language shapes who you are”, as I need to ground a few men in their chairs and get them listen to me without me having to sound bossy, or having to wear a low neck.

Have I cooked for my children and did I feed them? Didn’t you know that I have given them up to an orphanage a long time ago? you didn’t? you thought I am still raising them? you are joking!

Life of a COW 1 – let it slip

Not very happy about it that I let it slip from the lifestyle I wanted to achieve. Didn’t go for running. Not a big deal. Didn’t go for swimming. Not a big deal. But it was the lifestyle I thought I could manage. Get up, go for running, get ready to work, work all day, come back, put kids to bed, go for swimming…. yeah right!

I let myself indulge in watching one episode of my favourite mentalist.

That is all for now.

C25K – Day3


At 8am running today.

break, already!

down with flu. Could still do running, but there are too many things on plate now. As they say in Kanban, I must limit the WIP (work in progress) in order to match with the velocity ;-)

C25K – Day2


This was at 2pm running today.


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